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7/27 Sunday – NYC Half Marathon

Totally kicked it’s ass!! Hadn’t run in 2 weeks due to my 8am-10pm work schedule but figured since I was entered I would give it a shot. Ran it in under 2.5 hours which is great for me. Legs did not even utter a hint of an ache. Feet were painful for the last 4 miles. Bonnie and Ana came out to cheer me on and that was an incredible boost. They televised alot of the race and Kay saw me twice. The Central Park portion blew due to the hills but running down 7th avenue and across 42nd street was incredible! Lots of bands playing and people cheering. It was great running with so many people. often I would chat with a stranger or have them cheer me on or vice versa. An awesome experience!!


Just checked my time at NYRR.ORG and found out I ran at an 11:07 pace! Almost half a minute faster than I had hoped for! I ROCK!!

If you want to see me cross the finish line go to:

and go to 2:32:09

time doesnt match my time but that is because us slower runners start way behind the pack. I didnt cross the start line till over 6 minutes after the front runners.