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7/13 Sunday – 12 Miles


First long run after 2 weeks. Did 12 miles and felt pretty good. could have done the 14 miles that was next on my training but didnt want to push it after the layoff. Right knee was achey but nothing bad. Start the new load-in this week so time and energy are going to be at a premium. going to have to do some serious time management to get my training done. but do it i will!!!


7/10 Thursday – 4 Miles

ok, vacation over and back at it. Did 4 miles tonight to ease back in. felt good. right knee still achey. Going to do 8 miles on saturday, 4 miles on sunday and 14 on tuesday. Start my new show load in on monday so schedule is going to suck but i will keep at it.

7/4 Friday – 6 Miles

Ran on the beach and it was cool . Real workout on the legs. could only do 5 miles due to inlets and piers.

Thats it. i am on vacation. leave me alone.

7/2 Wednesday

Sorry that I havent blogged lately. crazy week. Last week of my show and there were lots of parties, tears, and drinks. Didnt do the 14 miles because of my schedule and a cranky right knee. Will re-do the week, I am now in Oscoda. I did 4 miles yesterday. Knee felt a little tight but all went well.

6/26 Thursday – 3 Miles

Was supposed to do 4 miles today but my right knee was still real achey from the 12 miler so I cut it down to 3. It was a slow and achey 3 miler. going to take it real easy the rest of the week, (not such a bad idea with the insane humidity), and give the knee a break. Will do six miles on sunday then atempt my 14 miles in michigan on tuesday.

6/24 Tuesday – 12 Miles

I had an awful night of sleep Saturday night so I wasnt getting up to run in the morning. Went out for serious parte’ with Maggie, Margot, Julie T., and Brendan Sunday night so Monday was a no-go as well. Got up Tuesday raring to go and kicked it’s ass. Did (3) 4 mile loops around the house. That way I could have my gatorade/gu station set up in the front lawn urn. First loop was tight. Second loop was a breeze. Third loop was slow and achey. With (2) 1 minute g/g breaks I did the whole thing in 2 hours 17 minute. Thats 11.41 a minute. That time would be a marathon finish a little less than 1 minute under 5 hours.  

Anyway, let’s forget about time and concentrate on the important thing, 12 MILES!!!! 



6/20 Friday – 6 Miles

Did a solid six. getting ready for the big 12 on Sunday.