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Wrap up

so i found out that I had damaged a tendon on the side of my foot. I was in a boot for 2 weeks. My doctor said, “I am amazed that you finished with that foot. You are a bad-ass”. his exact words. I have not run since the marathon but I surprisingly find that I miss it alot. I am going to start up again this week and am planning to run the marathon again. next year. My medal sits here on my desk and I look at it often. It is a reminder of all of the work I did and, more importantly, how amazing my wife and friends are. they rule!


11/03 – The Day After

What an experience! So much to tell that I will split it up into two posts. First off, I FINISHED!!! unfortunately about an hour slower than I wanted to but I finished nonetheless. I was on pace for a 4:30 finish but on mile 20 my right foot exploded into agony. Dont know why but it really hurt to put weight on it.  Ended up having to walk a good portion of the last 5 miles. 

It was still really cool. Tons of people cheering! Lots of good bands lining the course. My wife Kay totally organized my friends and had them standing every few miles to cheer. 

I set out 10 months ago to run the NYC marathon and I achieved my goal! I rock!!

11/1 Saturday- The Day Before

well tomorrow is the big day. I have been suffering through a week long sinus infection that has really got me down. Tons of phlegm and snot and general weariness. I am concerned that it is going to affect my endurance. Not going to let it stop me though. Went to the Expo at the Javits center yesterday. I could not have been more excited when I got my bib number. Lots of cool stuff to see there. Vendors, clothes, German Silva. Met the woman who wrote the marathon book I have been reading. Thanked her for getting me through this week. Cant remember the name of the book, will post it later. Gonna go pack my stuff and meet running mentor maggie for a pasta dinner. Then the wife and I go to Noah’s to try and get some sleep. Gotta meet the NBC bus at 5:30 am. I take the NBC bus because I was chosen along with 15 other people to be interviewed on the course during the telecast. If you get the 5 hour telecast I am supposed to be interviewed around 1:30. Between that and the incredible effort the wife has made making sure that the course is lined with friends to cheer me on it is gonna be awesome! That’s about it. Gonna rock it tomorrow!!

10/19 Sunday – Update

I had been laid up for a week due to my vasectomy. Finally got out and ran six miles before collapsing. I t was not pretty. Made me very nervous as this was my last week to get in a long run before my marathon taper begins. I hadnt run more than 18 miles yet and needed to do a twenty. Went to central park on friday and gave it a shot. My excellent wife went with me and sat in the park for 4 hours just to hand me gatorade, gu’s , and cool towels. She is awesome! With her help I ran 21.5 miles! I feel ready for the marathon 2 weeks from today.

Friday 10/3 – Update

Been a while. Here is what’s been going on. 3 weeks ago went out to do 16 miles. It would have put me right back on schedule. Got to mile 14 and couldnt go on. Feet were really hurting and was having lower back spasms. ended up walking the last two miles. The following Sunday went out to do 16 again and ran out of time. Ended up only doing 12 miles. I had signed up for the NYRR marathon tuneup in central park for last Sunday. It was an 18 mile run. I figured I would give it a shot though I hadnt run more than 14 up till that point. Finished and in a faster per mile time than the half marathon in July!! Granted it was only 5 seconds a mile faster but still! Right foot has been really painful ever since though. Laid off this week to give the foot a chance to calm down. Finally got out today and did an easy 4mile run. Foot started to hurt at the end. Gonna try a central park loop tomorrow between shows and then a 20 miler on Monday. 

One month to go til the marathon. Feeling like I am gonna make it. Gotta hope the foot holds up.

Thurs 9/4 – Catching up

So didnt run for 4 weeks due to an 8am to midnight schedule at the theater. Started running again last week. went out to do an 8 mile run and ended up bonking after 3.5 miles. it wasnt pretty. Ran 6 miles last wednesday and then rocked a 12 miler on Sunday. I feel really good and ready to get back on track .I have ben running the loop in Central Park and it has been great. Lots of other people running, really tough hills, and nice and cool cause of all the trees. After doing the 12 0n Sunday I am not too far behind in my schedule and think if I really apply myself from here on that I can make a decent showing in the marathon. Not gonna break 5 hours but will reach my main goal of finishing. I ran 6 miles in the park with Mentor Maggie this week and she pushed me with 10:30 miles. I know, slow, but not so slow for an old ex-smoker who has been running 11:30 -12:00 minute miles on anything over 5 miles. Going for 14 this sunday.

7/27 Sunday – NYC Half Marathon

Totally kicked it’s ass!! Hadn’t run in 2 weeks due to my 8am-10pm work schedule but figured since I was entered I would give it a shot. Ran it in under 2.5 hours which is great for me. Legs did not even utter a hint of an ache. Feet were painful for the last 4 miles. Bonnie and Ana came out to cheer me on and that was an incredible boost. They televised alot of the race and Kay saw me twice. The Central Park portion blew due to the hills but running down 7th avenue and across 42nd street was incredible! Lots of bands playing and people cheering. It was great running with so many people. often I would chat with a stranger or have them cheer me on or vice versa. An awesome experience!!


Just checked my time at NYRR.ORG and found out I ran at an 11:07 pace! Almost half a minute faster than I had hoped for! I ROCK!!

If you want to see me cross the finish line go to:

and go to 2:32:09

time doesnt match my time but that is because us slower runners start way behind the pack. I didnt cross the start line till over 6 minutes after the front runners.