Friday 10/3 – Update

Been a while. Here is what’s been going on. 3 weeks ago went out to do 16 miles. It would have put me right back on schedule. Got to mile 14 and couldnt go on. Feet were really hurting and was having lower back spasms. ended up walking the last two miles. The following Sunday went out to do 16 again and ran out of time. Ended up only doing 12 miles. I had signed up for the NYRR marathon tuneup in central park for last Sunday. It was an 18 mile run. I figured I would give it a shot though I hadnt run more than 14 up till that point. Finished and in a faster per mile time than the half marathon in July!! Granted it was only 5 seconds a mile faster but still! Right foot has been really painful ever since though. Laid off this week to give the foot a chance to calm down. Finally got out today and did an easy 4mile run. Foot started to hurt at the end. Gonna try a central park loop tomorrow between shows and then a 20 miler on Monday. 

One month to go til the marathon. Feeling like I am gonna make it. Gotta hope the foot holds up.


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