Thurs 9/4 – Catching up

So didnt run for 4 weeks due to an 8am to midnight schedule at the theater. Started running again last week. went out to do an 8 mile run and ended up bonking after 3.5 miles. it wasnt pretty. Ran 6 miles last wednesday and then rocked a 12 miler on Sunday. I feel really good and ready to get back on track .I have ben running the loop in Central Park and it has been great. Lots of other people running, really tough hills, and nice and cool cause of all the trees. After doing the 12 0n Sunday I am not too far behind in my schedule and think if I really apply myself from here on that I can make a decent showing in the marathon. Not gonna break 5 hours but will reach my main goal of finishing. I ran 6 miles in the park with Mentor Maggie this week and she pushed me with 10:30 miles. I know, slow, but not so slow for an old ex-smoker who has been running 11:30 -12:00 minute miles on anything over 5 miles. Going for 14 this sunday.


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